Monday, August 5, 2013

Photography Magic Online Classes

We can help you get the beautiful photographic results that you have always wanted.  Two new classes starting soon, Beginning Digital Photography Magic and Photoshop Elements 1 Magic!

   As a photographic guide with Jansen Photo Expeditions, I always have a camera with me, ready to record those unexpected moments in time, what nature and the universe gives to us on a daily basis.  If you start to look at your world through the eyes of a photographer, you will be amazed at what you will see.  I can help you learn to use your camera as a creative tool, that will help you see the magic moments of your life.

    Each week, in our various classes, we will have a creative assignment designed to help you think about your photography differently.  You will uploading your assignments to our private Facebook site set up specifically for your class.  It will give you and the other members of the class a chance to interact and discuss your images for the week.  Our professional critique of your pictures will be included as well as interaction with other members of the class.  You will experience a new and creative way to look at your photographic world.  Most people don’t notice the beauty around them on a daily basis.  Do you notice the flowers blooming, the sunset, or the mist in the fog?

    These are four week or eight week, self guided courses where you will learn about photography, photo editing, composition, and how to shoot creatively.  You will learn about the magic times of light and how to manage your digital images and share with the world.

How these photography e-courses work . . .

Online & self-paced. You don’t need to be online at a specific time because these are self-paced courses. You’ll receive a weekly photography lesson for four weeks, via email. Each week, we’ll dive into a new theme and I’ll offer tips and tools in each lesson that will help you become a better photographer.   You will be a member of a closed Facebook site, where you and your fellow students can post your images and discuss your wins for the week.  I will critique your images, and may ask you to try again on the weekly subject.  You can choose your own level of involvement, engage  with the class members and instructors, or not.  Of course it’s more fun if everyone is involved and engaged in the class.
  • Time. Since these are self-pace courses, you can set aside as much time to snap photos as your schedule allows.  Download the course materials every week and put them in a folder for review.  You will love to go back to this information again and again.
  • Needs. Since these are photography e-courses, you’ll need access to a digital camera, a computer, and an email account.  Some classes require people to have a digital SLR (Full size camera with interchangeable lenses or at least the ability to work on manual modes) and some will work fine with a digital point and shoot camera.
  • Sharing. We’ll be using a private Facebook group dedicated to each class to connect with one another and to share our photos.
The themes . . .
Each week, we’ll focus on a theme and lesson.  You will receive:
  • weekly email that contains a lesson.
  • Photo assignments.
  • Access to a private Facebook group that will help you connect with other course members and the instructor.

I'm happy to help, email me  
Looking forward to helping you on your photographic journey!    

Holly Higbee-Jansen

(805) 701-8806